Making Predictions with Terrene

Depending on the size of the dataset you upload the training of the model can take a few seconds to several minutes or even hours. However, the Titanic dataset used in this tutorial is quite small and should take only a few seconds to train. You can see how close to completion the training is in the workspace dashboard. Once the training is complete, you can refresh the page and you will be able to start making predictions.

Titanic training progress

There are two types of predictions you can make with Terrene, individual and batch predictions. We will use individual predictions to test our personal probability of surviving the sinking of the Titanic, as well as, modifying individual variables to see their impact on the prediction. We will also use batch predictions to predict the survival of several hundred passengers on the Titanic who were not included in the original dataset.

Individual Predictions

On the workspace dashboard, you will see a window that says Test The Endpoint, this is where you can manually make individual predictions.

Individual Predictions

Now we can put hypothetical passengers on the Titanic and predict their probability of surviving. For my example, I will put a hypothetical 12-year-old male with 1 parent and 1 sibling on board.

Individual Prediction 2

In this situation, there is a very high probability ~ 100% that the boy will survive. Historically this matches what we know, as on the Titanic the rule was women and children first. Experiment with your model and try changing different variables to see how they affect the final outcome.

Batch Predictions

As you input several different hypothetical passengers you will notice this process can become quite tedious if you had hundreds or thousands of predictions to make. Which is why we have the ability to make predictions in batches. If you did not already, you can download a CSV file with Titanic test data here.

Once you have it, you can upload it to Terrene under Batch Processing.

Batch Processing

Similarly to uploading the training data, you can select the test data while browsing your computer. Once uploaded press Predict and Terrene will begin processing the entire CSV file.

Depending on the size of the test file the predictions will take between a few seconds and several minutes. You will receive a notification in the portal as well as an email with a link to download the process file. If you are still in the browser when the predictions finish you can refresh the page and they will show up in the Processed Files section.

Processed CSVs

From here you can preview the test data and download it.

Preview of Processed CSV

You are now able to make predictions with Terrene! The last thing I will teach you how to do today is visualize your data with Terrene.