Making Predictions

There are two types of predictions you can make with Terrene, individual and batch predictions.

Individual Predictions

From the workspace page single predictions by manually inputting each variable then clicking Predict. Individual Prediction Dashboard

Terrene will then return the predicted outcome on the right.

Individual Predictions Dashboard

Individual predictions are useful for making a small number of predictions especially when there are limited variables involved. They are also used for personal testing to visualize how changing a single variable affects the outcome. However, in many situations, you will need to make thousands or millions of predictions and that is when you can make use of batch predictions.

Batch predictions

When you are making many predictions you do not want to input the data line by line, which is why we made batch processing. With batch processing you can upload test data in a CSV file or connect a SQL database.

CSV Files

You can upload a CSV file with test data to Terrene and make predictions using the models available in that workspace. Begin by opening the workspace with the model you plan to use and click "Choose File".

CSV Batch Processing

Now, select the CSV file with the test data you are interested in analyzing.

Select CSV for Batch Processing

Once you have uploaded your file Terrene will begin processing it. Depending on how large and complex your data set is this training might take a few minutes to a few hours. You can leave the portal and you will be notified via email when it is done training. Once the training is complete the data will be available to preview in browser or downloadable as a new CSV file.

Processed CSV's

Preview of Processed CSV

SQL Database

If you store your data in a SQL database you can directly connect it with Terrene and make a query.

SQL Predictions

more information coming soon

Congratulations, you are now making predictions with Terrene!