Uploading and Downloading CSV Files With Terrene

If you currently have your data stored in Excel then using CSV files will be the easiest way for you to utilize your data with Terrene.

Uploading a Training CSV

While Creating the Workspace

To upload the a dataset click on the "Select File" button and select the file on your computer with the training data.

Select CSV File

Open Training CSV

Once you have successfully uploaded your dataset you can click "Continue" and move on to selecting your input and output variables.

Creating New Dataset Application

A new dataset can be created inside of the workspace you are using by going to the Applications tab, and clicking "Deploy a New App".

New Application Window

From here you can create several new types of applications, but for now, we are interested in creating a new dataset.

New Model App

Then we can give the new dataset a name and description, clicking "Continue" will bring you to the next step which will be uploading the new CSV.

From this page all you have to do is upload the new dataset and click "Finish", this will bring you back to the workspace dashboard where you can use the dataset to train a model

Uploading Dataset

Test CSV

Uploading a Test CSV

To upload a test dataset click on the "Select File" button inside the "Batch Processing" box and select the file on your computer with the test data.

Batch Processing

Once uploaded press "Predict" and Terrene will begin processing the entire CSV file.

Downloading Predictions in a CSV File

Once you have uploaded a file for batch processing it will take between a few seconds and a few hours to process depending on the size of the dataset. Under the "Processed Files" section of your workspace dashboard, you can see a live progress number representing how much of the data has been processed. To update the progress report you must refresh the "Processed Files" box or the entire page.

Processed CSV Files

Once the file has finished processing it can be previewed and downloaded by pressing the button under the "Action" column. Once the preview is open the file can be downloaded by pressing the "Download" button.

Processed CSV File Preview

If the file you are processing is very large you may not want to wait around for it. Terrene will email you when the training finishes with a link to the download. All processed files will also remain downloadable in the "Processed Files" box indefinitely.