Creating a New Predictive Model Application

A predictive model application can be connected to a model endpoint to make predictions. A new predictive can be created inside of the workspace you are using by going to the Applications tab, and clicking "Deploy a New App". If you wish to create a new workspace you should read this tutorial.

New Application Window

From here you can create several new types of applications, but for now, we are interested in creating a new predictive model.

New Model App

Then we can give the new predictive model a name and description, clicking "Continue" will bring you to the next step which will be selecting the variables and choosing the model type.

Selecting Variables

In this situation, since we are not uploading a new dataset, we have to manually input the variables we are interested in. The variable names should be written into the Input and Output sections and separated with a comma.

Selecting Variables for New Application

Once you have selected the variables you are interested click finish and it will create the model. Now all that's left to do is train the model for more information on training this model click here